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Bail Enforcement: Bail Enforcement

Using today's technology to track and apprehend fugitives.

Allstate Investigations has had over a 90% success rate in capturing hundreds of fugitives since 1998. We utilize sophisticated computer searches as well as other covert information gathering techniques to quickly find our fugitives and bring them back to justice. Our agents are professional and safety is our number one priority. We have the ability to blend into almost any situation and surroundings without detection. Our agents are Wicklander certified and are experts in interviewing and interrogation techniques. Our agents utilize Body Cams to protect our liability and yours.

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Cheating Spouses
GPS Tracking
Bail Enforcement
Covert Cameras
Child Custody
Missing Children
Skip Tracing
Bug Detection
Background Searches
Stalking Cases
Theft Cases
Workers Comp Cases
Fingerprint Lifting
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