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Cheating Spouses:

Cheating SpouseHow do you know when your spouse or significant other is cheating? First of all, trust your instincts. Since you are on this page, you already believe that your spouse is cheating and you deserve to know the truth. Some of the signs could be:

  • Sudden increase in time away from home
  • Decreased sexual interest in you
  • Unavailability or difficult to reach via cell phone
  • Leaves the room to talk privately or texting
  • Uses the computer alone and secretly
  • Increased use of cologne or perfume
  • Use of a pre-paid or second cell phone
  • Accusations of you cheating or questioning your activities
  • Doesn't answer the cell phone when you are there
  • Deleting e-mail messages or text messages on cell phone
  • They start doing their own laundry
  • Cell phone bill has calls of a long duration
  • Spouse has suspicious numbers programmed into their cell phone

What we can do to find out:

We need to determine many factors to tailor an investigation for you. When and how often does the cheating occur? Do you know the person you suspect is cheating with your spouse? Is the cheating happening at work, during work hours or after work? How much flexibility in their schedule. If we can pinpoint the times when we believe your spouse is cheating, we can limit the number of hours needed for surveillance. When we need to determine when the cheating is occurring and you have no idea, we can usually put a GPS Tracking Device on their car and determine their habits before we conduct a surveillance. Our investigators are very experienced in following people. Do not try this on your own. Surveillance is much more difficult than it might seem and when someone tries to do it on their own, they usually get caught. Then they make our job more difficult to catch someone who is already suspicious that they might be followed. We use specialized vehicles that are designed specifically for surveillance and are equipped with devices that allow us to stay in a vehicle with our tinted windows rolled up and vehicle not running. This is critical when conducting a covert surveillance and many our competitors do not operate this way.

If you need assistance investigating infidelity, our experienced investigators are here to help.

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